RBF4AERO at Flexible Engineering Toward Green Aircraft Conference

The consortium will be participating in the conference entitled "Flexible Engineering Toward Green Aircraft" hosted by University of Rome Tor Vergata (Rome, Italy) and that will be taking place on 14th December 2017. The objective of the conference is to present the status of research in the aerospace field and to highlight the recent achievements in analysis and design methodologies adopted in the aircraft design process. Since the focus is on topics as Aeroelasticity, Aerodynamic Robust Design and Shape Optimization, the project coordinator will describe the implementation and application of the rbf4aeroFSI, namely the fluid-structure interaction cross-solver capable to perform shape optimizations including the elasticity of deformable components.

To get further information, please visit the conference webpage:


RBF4AERO at the 11th ASM UK/ISSMO/NOED2016

RBF4AERO Project members participated to the International Conference on Numerical Optimization Methods for Engineering Design (11th ASMO UK/ISSMO/NOED2016) at Technische Universität München. The topic presented is focused on the optimization of a U-bend square channel using methodologies implemented in the RBF4AERO Platform. The presentation paper and the presentation are available in the Download Area.

RBF4AERO at the 9th ICCFD

RBF4AERO is going to present the results in the optimization of a Transonic Low Pressure Turbine Blade at the 9th International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ICCFD) which will be held between the dates of July 11 – July 15 at Istanbul, Turkey. The paper submitted and the presentation are available in the download area.

RBF4AERO at the 2016 ECCOMAS Congress

RBF4AERO Consortium will participate to the 2016 ECCOMAS (European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Science and Engineering) Congress in Crete Island from 5 to 10 June 2016 (www.eccomas2016.org). RBF4AERO team members will present 4 papers about the optimization strategies and procedures of the RBF4AERO Benchmark Technology: adjoint-morphing coupling, fluid-structure interaction, evolutionary algorithm based optimization and the strategies adopted to implement the whole Platform.

11th HSTAM International Congress on Mechanics

On 29th May 2016 RBF4AERO Team Members presented the optimization procedure developed in the framework of RBF4AERO Project at the 11th Hellenic Society for Theoretical & Applied Mechanics (HSTAM) International Congress. The Congress was held in Athens, Greece from May 27 to May 30. The paper is available for download in the download area.

RBF4AERO at Engineering Playground

From March 21th to April 25th at "Spazio Eventi Tirso" in Rome, hosted by the "Art of the Brick" LEGO® sculpture exhibition, RBF4AERO Consortium will display two of the Project applications at the "Engineering Playground" show. The aim of "Engineering Playground" is to tell a new and visionary approach to engineering, addressed to young and less young people. The first RBF4AERO application will show how with a small reshaping of surfaces near the wing-fuselage junction of an industrial glider can improve the efficiency in specific flight conditions. The second application will show how optimizing the blade shape of an aircraft propeller, the whole engine efficiency can be increased. Both the applications were optimized with the RBF4AERO Benchmark Technology and the original and optimized geometries were printed in 3D by HSL Italia. A presentation of the "Engineering Playground" show can be found in the Download Area.