Consortium Management

The innovative features of the proposed Benchmark Technology system require a specific program of applied research activity. In view of fully achieving the foreseen objectives and the expected consequences at European level, the involvement of a team of partner including Companies, Universities and research centers having adequate skill and experience from different areas of Europe is demanded. The various technologies envisaged in the Project are not nationally resided and then deem a structure of European breath.

To gain the goal of the Project, a consortium with a well-recognized background and specific competence has been put together. The Consortium was built by taking into account, from one hand, the excellence of the partners and, from the other, that all partners have available limited resources and then they must have a clear role as to lead to good technical and exploitable results.

The Consortium is constituted of 6 industrial partners (2 SMEs and for 4 LEs), 1 research institute and 2 academic partners. It is highly multi-disciplinary and its well-balanced typology gathers the necessary skills to fulfill the high level requirements of the Project and to design and implement forefront technologies to build innovative and efficient solutions in order to achieve the goals of the Project.

In particular, the Consortium is composed of trans-national companies and research institutes with international reputation in the following areas: SW design and development, integration of complex system, and numerical modeling and computer-driven engineering design. As company operating in the field of engineering consulting to industry with enhanced capabilities of Technology Transfer and R&D Project coordination, the Project Coordinator D‘Appolonia will secure the appropriate exploitation of the achieved results of the research for industrial development. The End Users coming from four different European states (Italy, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia) guarantee a wide exploitability of the RBF4AERO as well as dissemination in their own countries.

The project organization and management approach are aimed to promote optimal use of the knowledge, expertise and experience of the partners in achieving the objectives of the Project. The work plan elaborated to guarantee the achievement of the ambitious goal is adequately structured. The research process is maintained under a continuous review with the scope to capture in time the relevance of results, especially for diverse future customization.

These investigations will highly benefit from the interdisciplinary and complementary structure of the Consortium. In this context, WP7 purpose is to coordinate and integrate scientific activities, organizing meetings and facilitating communications. Through this WP a smooth cooperation of all participants, the achievement of the scientific-technical project objectives as well as the maximum general dissemination and commercial exploitation of the results will be ensured.

Specifically, the Consortium will be run with a management structure arranged according to five levels of organization including the Project Manager (PM), General Assembly (GA), Project Steering Committee (PSC), Work Package Management (WPM), and Exploitation Management (EM). The organization levels are linked in such a manner to guarantee an efficient in information and data exchange.


The progress of the Project will be monitored for each task and reported in terms of proportion completed, person months completed and person months still required to complete the task. The information provided will enable the PM to determine the overall project status and this information will be used at the milestone reviews in the forward project planning. During the Project 31 Deliverable will be officially released to EC. The emission of these document is balanced considering the first and second half of the Project duration.